Project Overview

Here is an example in which we increased the value of a revenue-generating property by working to increase the number of leases.

Because this property is located a mere five-minute walk from Jiyūgaoka Station within an area where urban regeneration companies are driving neighborhood development, TRIAD conjectured that its floor area ratio and number of use districts may increase in the near future. We also sensed that we could reveal its hidden potential to draw more people in by changing up its exterior and capitalizing on its high-visibility location, so we obtained ownership of the land and building.


After acquiring the property, we negotiated rent increases with the existing tenants and worked to switch them over to standard retail-store agreements while putting a management system in place. We also completely redid the sign, repainted the exterior walls, and performed other renovations such as placing trees and plants, with a focus on the common areas of the building. These changes were intended to match the refined atmosphere of Jiyūgaoka.

As a result, we expect to attract new tenants even at rent prices that exceed the market average, which improves the value of the building as a money-making property.