Project Overview

TRIAD evaluated a five-story building in the quiet area of Jingūmae. It was built under the old earthquake codes and had a narrow width, so it was only about half full of tenants. Sensing its potential, we acquired it in anticipation of development. After sorting out the rights of the building’s current tenants, we raised ¥300 million with the real-estate crowdfunding service COZUCHI in order to obtain the permits needed to develop the site.


In terms of specific plans, we are considering adding value to the property by making the ceiling height of the lower floors (the first subfloor and the first and second above-ground floors) 3.3 meters, which is taller than normal, and installing a rooftop terrace for the residential units on the fourth and fifth floors. With the premium penthouses on the fifth and highest floor, our intention is to create the feeling of liberation by widening the openings and making their exteriors mostly glass, while still meeting the strict regulations regarding the height of a building and the shadow it casts.