Roppongi Business Site

Project Overview

An old building in a great location along Roppongi Avenue caught our attention.
The rights attached to it were complex, with ownership shared between individuals and a corporation. Some of the owners were also living in facilities, making communication with them difficult.


To start with, we obtained some of the joint owners’ shares of ownership and acquired some shares of the corporation’s stock. We then continued to negotiate with the remaining joint owners, shareholders, and relatives of the people living in facilities until we were in possession of all shares of stock and 100% of the unit ownership rights. Since the building was built under the old earthquake-resistance standards along an emergency route, we presumed that it would be rebuilt in the medium term. We therefore worked to get the tenants changed over from standard rental agreements to fixed-term agreements, ultimately selling the property as a development site.


A portion of the funding for this project, approximately ¥1.152 billion, was raised through real-estate crowdfunding service COZUCHI.